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Cities & Public Sectors

Mobility Twin

AI4Cities is a European consortium of six cities which teamed up to select ten of Europe’s best AI solutions to reduce mobility-driven green gases emissions. Insight Signals was engaged to deliver a User-focused Mobility Twin as a live digital replica of a city’s transportation system, accessible on a web platform, updated through data feed gateways.

We designed and built a single end-to-end Mobility digital twin focused on users’ behavior, their mobility choices, and the quantification of resulting CO2 emissions at micro and macro scale.

Customer benefits

  • Simulating city transportation patterns at micro and macro levels, integrating users’ behaviors
  • RGPD-compliant by design
  • Valuation of new projects’ CO2 reduction impact and monitoring of city progress towards carbon neutrality
  • Testing of impacts of new projects and policies to increase their scaling potential

Smart Lighting

Local authorities, as well as national and European institutions, are always on the lookout for ways to make cities cleaner, smarter, and more innovative. With a vision published in 2018, the Greater London Authority (10 million inhabitants) has declared that it wants to become the “smartest city in the world”.

Insight Signals developed the socio-economic impact model of intelligent lighting for this metro area.

We built a digital replica of the over 500,000 lampposts scattered around Greater London and simulated the investment impact of a transition to smart lighting.

The model is now available for several major European cities, as part of a European consortium of intelligent cities.

Customer benefits

  • A view of their 500,000 lampposts across all 22 boroughs
  • An evaluation of the financial, economic and societal potential of over 15 innovative smart city applications
  • The cost, benefits, and Return on Investment of moving to a full smart lighting infrastructure within a seven-year horizon


IoT Impact

A Risk Reward Framework to support the development of NTT Group Smart Solutions activity. The deployment of Deep Tech technologies and solutions has become a major objective for many companies, organizations, and communities. However, proving the financial and societal interest of the solution is a major differentiating factor for a supplier today compared to competing offers.

Insight Signals designed and developed a societal and financial model to realize a risk and benefits sharing model between supplier and customer.

Customer Benefits

  • Increasing the value of the company’s intelligent solutions
  • Integrating its clients’ financial and societal concerns upstream
  • Making win-win possible through a business model which quantifies the sharing of financial and societal benefits

Short Circuit Food Retailing

Today’s “consumer-actors” are concerned about their societal and environmental well-being. The development of the short food supply chains reflects this trend. More and more consumers are interested and take part in “locavorism”, i.e., the consumption of local products, with few intermediaries. However, products from local agriculture remain prohibitively expensive for many. How can we offer local products to consumers at reasonable prices?

To answer this problem, we modeled the agri-food distribution market in the Île-de-France region.

We created a societal digital twin on the real scale of the Ile-de-France population, including socio-professional characteristics, the population’s food purchasing behaviors.

We then tested the impact of pricing policies and the possible alternative distribution strategies.

Customer Benefits

  • A digital replica of the food retailing market
  • A granular view of food purchasing behaviors for a multiplicity of micro segments of consumer
  • An assessment of how retailers’ interactive strategies can promote the development of the short circuit market


Financing the Movie Industry

Olffi is an innovative company that created the first platform database containing a world registry of all financing bodies for the movie industry. With over 1,000 financing programs covering over 95 countries the Olffi Database is an essential resource for the whole industry. The next stage of growth and scaling is expected to come from the offering of a financing and budgeting simulation tool that would enable players in the movie chain to optimize their funding strategies.

Insight Signals was commissioned to design the Simulation model that would then be implemented in the Olffi Online Platform.

The model was delivered in less than three months, to match Olffi’ plans for product launch.

Key benefits

  • A simulation model representing all potential financing use cases for players in the movie industry
  • A separate budgeting tool linked to the simulation one
  • A documented framework sharable with future developers
  • Intellectual property remaining in customers’ hands

Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

A Digital Twin of entrepreneurial ecosystems

The medium-term growth outlook of a region is correlated to entrepreneurship development. Any region or city economic development zone is poised to understand what the most influential factors are in the creation and survival of new businesses.

The project was sponsored by the Ile de France Region.

Using regional and new venture data, we were able to build a Digital Twin of the Ile de France Region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem that would include the process of start-up creation and growth to simulate and assess the impact of alternative regional policies.

Key benefits

  • A replica of a new venture development process at the scale of the region
  • Detailed attributes on the characteristics of new businesses and their scaling potential
  • Testing and evaluation of different policies, such as financial support schemes or incubator development
  • Conclusion: Rather than financial incentives, the most impactful factor is the development of networks of entrepreneurs who can bring their experience to start-ups