Our vision 

What is a Digital Twin? A computer-based replica of a real environment, such as the replica of a manufacturing facility or of a city electrical grid. Driven by the development of open data, IoT and AI technologies, Digital Twins have recently expanded in terms of application domains and functionalities. They are today becoming mainstream to manage assets, predict business outcomes and simulate alternatives strategies.

Digital Twin for Business

Insight Signals focuses on applications related to business and society, which require an understanding and mapping of how consumers, users, and people’s behaviors impact business outcomes. Key components of our Services and Solutions are based upon four pillars:

  • A DT design methodology
  • An operating DT platform
  • Close links to research in social & cognitive science
  • Open Data & AI

The Digital Twin underlying model reflects the customer environment. Our multi domain DT design methodology closely associates customers to the design of its own customized DT model. The methodology covers the full spectrum of DT operations, from domain analysis to model building to outcomes analysis.

Through applying our methodology, clients and stakeholders:

  • Reach a shared view on the Digital Twin goals
  • Participate in the design of the model and the definition of outcomes
  • Control how Digital Twin parameters are set up
  • Gain full access to DT outputs, including deep dive analytics and scenario simulation.

Operating Platform

Directly accessible by customers, the DT Operating Platform is the CORE tool to make the Digital Twin an operating reality.

Engineered to accommodate any industry domain, the Platform is web based and provides Users with:

  • 24-hour/day web-based access
  • Views to the DT Model and upfront domain analysis
  • Structured input and DT output data
  • DT parameters set up (scope or timeline)
  • Smart analytics
  • Continuous scenario assessment.

Link to Research

Tackling and creating a model of business and society challenges greatly benefit from the support and validation of research and academics.

Insight Signals has close links with state-of-the-art research institutions in the field of human, social and cognitive science. The partnership gives privileged access to state-of-the-art research and methodologies for the benefit of customers.

Open Data & AI

As recently stated by the Economist, open source intelligence data has become mainstream.

Insight Signals’ approach to building Digital Twins for Business and Society heavily leverages the availability of information and data that are becoming freely available at zero marginal cost.

The new simulation paradigm has now become Agent-Based Modeling, an AI computing framework to generate and simulate scientific replicas of societies and individuals.

Through combining open data and agent-based AI, we can provide customers with:

  • A micro-digital replica of their market, up to everyone
  • RGDP compliance by design, as private data are not required
  • Highly granular analytics, up to each agent level
  • Digital Twins and simulations that integrate interactions among individuals.