Digital Twins

Our services cover the entire Digital Twin lifecycle from Design to Simulation to Decision-support.
DT Life cycle

Modeling and Design

Whether you are a start-up designing a new product or a large organization looking for deeper consumer insight, we offer methodologies to model your business environment and blend customers’ in-depth field expertise with the power of big data.

Business modelling is the essential initial step to create a perspective of your business environment. Value resides as much in a co-designed modeling process, as in the output.

We offer

  • A structured context analysis to be leveraged by customers to support their goals
  • A high-level overview of the business environment, its constituencies, and interactions
  • A mapping of relevant available data and how they can be used
  • A macro and a detailed quantitative model to address customer issues


  • Leverage of big data for a qualified purpose
  • Customer owns the model
  • All design components, including AI ones, well documented
  • Ready to use

Digital Replicas

We use state-of-the art methodologies to generate micro-digital replicas of your market, of consumers, users, and individual constituencies, so you can obtain considerable analytical Insight.

We offer

  • A micro-digital replica of your market environment: Consumers, Users, individual entities
  • A continuous update of the Digital Twin, as your customized “Market Movie”
  • Available anytime on a web platform
  • Drill down and deep dive analytics to deepen your understanding of micro segments, of their features and behaviors
  • Multiple run predictions to achieve statistical confidence


  • A live, granular view of your immediate environment, consumers, and users
  • With up-to-date information, continuously available
  • Enabling your actions and actions and decisions to be backed by qualified, instant, and granular information
  • As well as quantitative data analytics

Scenario Testing

Data and analytics are only useful to the extent that they support adaptative and timely decision-making. Our approach helps you leverage your Digital Twin so that you can focus on testing, simulating, and assessing, at any time, which of your alternative options would create most value.

We offer

  • The framework and tools to simulate alternative strategies and policies on your current Digital Twin
  • Visual outputs as to how key metrics evolve and which variables are most affected
  • Continuous scenario testing with endless possibilities
  • Multiple smart analytics


  • The necessary information to take informed decisions based on facts and figures
  • At a reasonable cost and within a short time frame, as opposed to ad hoc studies
  • Timely, efficient actions made possible


Assessing and understanding how economic and business decisions affect their environment has become paramount to the image and performance of organizations. Digital Twins for business and society play a key role in achieving sustainable, resilient impact.

We provide

  • Socio-economic frameworks to evaluate both the direct and environmental impact of your actions and decisions
  • Quantitative outputs of the financial value created by your various options and scenarios
  • A qualified, data-driven picture of how the actions and policies of your organizations are contributing to SDGs goals


  • Demonstrate the positive contribution and progress of your company to a sustainable world
  • Gain and exhibit a granular view of how your organization progresses towards Net Zero objectives
  • Increase your market value and stakeholder confidence


Our Digital Twin solutions focus on domains and industries where users and a consumer’s individual behavior make the difference.

Cities and Government

Cities, regions, and government organizations are today the driving force of Digital Twins development. Their needs are driven by their willingness:

  • To promote a sustainable local economy
  • To accelerate transition to Net Zero carbons emissions
  • To actively involve citizens and stakeholders into their projects.

Our Solutions aim to reinforce the ability of cities to:

  • Map their infrastructure, whether building, energy or mobility related, at a granular level
  • Get detailed understanding on users’ patterns and how they affect the activities of the city
  • Test various policy scenarios before implementing their long-term infrastructure commitments
  • Monitor and compare cities as to how their progress towards common goals such as reducing their CO2 emissions.


Today’s corporation face the dual challenge of adapting their product and processes to meet sustainability targets, while maintaining their financial health.

Digital Twins are a key asset to understanding those trade-offs and synergies, as well as testing and monitoring the impact of their actions. Digital Twins for Business and Society, can greatly help large and mid-size enterprises to:

  • Build a consensual vision on how external trends are structuring their competitive environment
  • Get a micro understanding of how consumers and users are behaving and what are and what drives their choices
  • Run quantitative simulations to analyze in detail the impact of their strategies and actions.

Insight Signals’ Digital Twins solutions support corporations in building their own Digital Twin capability, i.e. their ability to leverage Digital Twins to their own advantage:

  • Mapping, structuring relevant input data
  • Building a model of their environment, reflecting their accumulated expertise
  • Putting analytics and simulation to work, testing multiple searches and scenarios
  • Doing it continuously, at their own initiative, without depending on any third party
  • Doing it at an affordable cost


Innovators are defining tomorrow’s world. They can be start-ups, small enterprises as well as entrepreneurial entities within larger groups or public entities. A key challenge is often defining and scaling a sustainable business model, which requires market anticipation. Additionally, the development of services may require structuring and modeling capabilities to get their product to the next stage.

Insight Signals focuses its solutions on helping those companies find their way of development, so they can be positioned to scale-up:

  • Helping to model their business, their products, services
  • Supporting winning value propositions
  • Testing market development scenarios.