NTT collaborating with Insight Urbatis to demonstrate the financial and societal value of its Smart Solutions.

Deployment of IoT and smart solutions is now a key objective for many companies, organizations and communities. These solutions must demonstrate their full return on investment and their positive impact not only from a cost reduction point of view but also in terms of long-term benefits on society.

NTT Smart Solutions and Insight Urbatis worked together to develop a financial and socio-economic framework which highlights and quantifies the full value of smart analytics solutions for a customer. The model-based approach identifies the socio-economic and environmental impacts which can be generated following their deployment. A database of these impacts was created, and a quantitative framework and model designed and built to demonstrate the full value of NTT Smart Solutions to its client base.

By design, the model allows both NTT and its clients to determine the financial and Social Return on Investment of NTT Smart Solutions. It is intended as an informed decision-making platform to facilitate and substantiate the commercial dialogue between NTT and its clients. Through the platform, and its scenario building module, NTT can ensure that the full value of its Smart Solutions is built into clients’ procurement cases and that the Economic, Social and Environmental priorities are adequately built in its client’s decision process.

Bill Baver, NTT Vice President of the SMART World team said: “We selected Insight Urbatis for their unique ability to model complex solutions and to structure industry data that translate into meaningful outputs. The methodology leads the way in transforming how company make investment decision for a better world”.

Manuel Ceva, Hervé Solignac, from Insight Urbatis : “We are delighted to work with NTT. Far beyond a professional engagement, the project leveraged complementary capabilities and a true partnership across organizations, to deliver an impact platform centered on customer challenges & needs”.

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Insight SIgnals

Manuel Ceva, CEO

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