Insight Signals, a provider of data analytics and consumer- centered digital twins for industries, including telecommunications, IoT, media and mobility, has joined the French Tech association Cap Digital.

Cap Digital is at the forefront of the future and accompany this new industrial world being built before our eyes. The organisation plays a role of agitator and facilitator that brings together all players in the digital economy & sustainable development (and more) and makes them work collectively to bring their visions, prototypes, projects, technologies and services beyond everyone’s expectations.

Insight Signals provides corporations with data analytics methods and tools to proactively anticipate user patterns. Its Consumer Digital Twin© technology allows clients to quickly perform scenario simulations and evaluations that capture citizens’ behaviors, to solve critical issues and accelerate decision-making. As part of a leading Research-Industry ecosystem, PSL University, Insight Signals mobilize skills in social sciences, data analysis and complex system modeling.

“Insight Signals already serves enterprise clients in the IoT, telecommunications, media and health industry. Joining the vibrant Cap Digital ecosystem will accelerate promotion of the market and access to new sectors, leveraging on our Digital Twin design capabilities. We look forward to communicating and sharing our knowledge with other Cap Digital members, and learning from their experiences, too,” said Insight Signals’ CEO Manuel Ceva.


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