Insight Signals confirmed by the AI4Cities Buyers Group for Phase 2

Insight Signals has been selected among the 10 European AI Mobility solutions providers to continue to Phase 2 of the AI4Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement project. During this phase the selected suppliers will get the opportunity to create a working prototype of the solutions they proposed in Phase 1 of the project.

Insight Signals is working on a user-centered Mobility Digital Twin to continuously reproduce and simulate a city’s transportation system. It is providing a live digital replica of a city’s transportation system, accessible on a web platform, updated through data feed gateways. It aims to Simulate city transportation patterns at micro and macro levels, integrating users’ behaviors and calculating mobility related CO2 emissions, and test the impacts of cities’ new projects and policies.

The AI4Cities Buyers Group consists of lead procurer Forum Virium, representing the City of Helsinki, Cap Digital, representing Paris Region, the City of Amsterdam, the City of Copenhagen, the City of Tallinn and the City of Stavanger.

Insight Signals helps innovators, cities and corporations adapt to an ever more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous business environment. Leveraging Big Data and AI technologies, we design and operate customized Digital Twins to help our customers achieve a deep & granular view of their market, anticipate how consumers and societal trends may affect their business, run multiple scenarios simulations, optimize their ROI, reduce risk, and build adaptable, resilient business models.

In the next few months more in-depth information will be communicated about these solutions via the AI4Cities website and its social media channels.

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