Dynamo Mobility Digital Twin

Dynamo is a digital twin of an area’s mobility. It replicates an area’s population mobility habits and enables city planners to test various hypothetical scenarios to best anticipate the future. Dynamo makes very easy the impact analysis of many use cases.


New subway line
New pedestrian area
Dedicated bike lane
Building a new shopping zone

Public policies

Subsidies on electric bikes
Free public transport

macroeconomic data

Evolution of the price of gas
Development of electric mobility
Improvement of motors’ energy efficiency


Building new neighborhoods
Increase in housing prices
Sociological changes

mobility habits

Development of homeworking
Increasing use of bike mobility

Visualizing mobility

Understand mobility factors

Thanks to its sociological replica of your area’s population, Dynamo helps you understanding mobility drivers

Seize the CO2 impact of mobility

Dynamo represents the CO2 emissions induced by mobility at local and global scales

Impact analysis

Dynamo enables city planners to simulate hypothetical scenarios and anticipate their impact to improve the decision making process


Dynamo enables to simulate hypothetical scenarios to anticipate what the future of mobility will be


By comparing different scenarios together, Dynamo helps you taking the best decisions to enhance mobility

QUANTify the impact of your decisions

Dynamo helps quantifying the impact of your projects on traffic and CO2 emissions

Seize insights at a glance

Dynamo sets up personalized dashboards to any use case to ensure the best user experience

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