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Next Gen Digital Twins

Virtual and “metaverse” environments are today becoming the new watchwords. In industry, Digital Twins have been standard practice for product development or process-related manufacturing applications.

Insight Signals brings Digital Twins’ potential to the next level, through developing applications for Business and Society, focused on business performance simulation and understanding how users, consumers and citizens behave. Today’s business success is highly dependent upon the ability of firms and organizations to anticipate trends and adapt to societal challenges.

Digital Twins for Business and Society are a game changer as organizations would make a step change in their ability to play the future and accelerate their decision-making. 


“Digital Twins for Business and Society are a key tool to help customers be the as resilient as possible in the 21st century. Our Goal is to put cost-competitive DT Solutions into the hands of our customers, so they can thrive in a fast-changing environment.”

Manuel Ceva CEO

Our combined skills include data analytics, social sciences, complex systems modeling and platform development.

Manuel Ceva


Chief Technology Officer – CTO

Hugo Ehlinger

Sciences Po, Polytechnique

Data Science

Lilian Marey


Ababacar Sembène


Philippine Aubert

Sciences Po, Sorbone

William Arranz



Thibault Benefice


David de la Rocha

UTC, Compiègne


Alexandre Hochu



Michel Lamure

Scientific Director

François Jouen

Cognition & AI

Hervé Solignac

Smart City

R&D Partnership

In 2016, Insight Signals was honored to sign a privileged partnership agreement with the Human and Artificial Cognitions Laboratory (CHArt) of the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE | PSL University). PSL University is one of the most prestigious French research institutions working in the human, life and earth sciences field.

CHArt is an interdisciplinary laboratory that brings together researchers in cognitive sciences, mathematics, and computer science. It studies natural and artificial cognitive systems and their pragmatic and semantic interactions.

The research carried out by the EPHE touches on the essential issues of our time. Our association with Insight Signals confirms the EPHE’s desire to listen to the concerns of companies, citizens and civil society , as closely as possible. ” François Jouen, Dean of the EPHE Life and Earth Sciences Section, of PSL University.