Incorporated in 2016, Insight Signals provides corporations with the methodology and tools they need to make their societal transition a success. Our Societal Digital Twin© technology allows our clients to quickly perform simulations and evaluations to solve critical questions and issues, and accelerate decision-making. As part of a leading Research-Industry ecosystem, PSL University, we mobilize skills in social sciences, data analysis and complex system modeling.


“At the heart of Insight Signals is the conviction that companies which pro-actively address societal issues would be the most resilient in the 21st century. Our mission is to help them to succeed in their societal transition, to enhance the value of their offers to their customers, through bringing  methods and tools at the crossroads of social sciences and data.”

CEO @Insight Signals, Multi Contractor, teacher Deep Tech at Sciences Po (France)

« The Insight Signals method makes it possible to scientifically and rigorously model and simulate complex socio-technical systems that contribute to answering the many questions that decision-makers ask themselves today . »

Michel Lamure

Scientific council, Professor in Decision-making Science, at Université Lyon 1

Insight Signals has been able to provide considerable added value thanks to its expertise and societal modelling tools, which are now used by leading Smart City players . »

Expert Smart-City and Impact, specialist in investment with social impact

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